Demo Stores

Selling with virtualCART® is Affordable, Powerful, Easy.

virtualCART® is a quick and easy way to add shopping cart functionality to your website, allowing buyers to purchase multiple items at a time by adding them individually to the cart. We have developed extensive demo stores and example pages to showcase the powerful features virtualCART® has to offer.

Start off by taking a look at the Classic Demo Store, it illustrates some of the most commonly implemented product features and options. Then move on to the Camera Store Demo which utilizes our robust "Coupon, Discount & Gift Certificate features.

Buyer experience

When buyers click the Add to cart button next to an item on your site, that item is added to virtualCART®. The cart opens instantly on your site to show buyers the items they've selected for purchase.

Once buyers are ready to place their orders, a link in the shopping cart will bring them to the virtualCART® checkout flow, where they can review their orders and complete payments.

Shopping cart features

Here are some of the cart's helpful features:

Allow buyers to adjust item size, quantity and more using custom attributes.

Allow buyers to select size and quantity by creating products 'with multiple options' or 'with multiple prices' when generating your shopping cart code.

Customize your cart's appearance, location, and behavior.

You can customize your cart's location and appearance, changing text colors, borders, background colors and more to match the look and feel of your website. You can also adjust the way the cart behaves when new products are added or when the cart is empty.

Track your site's performance with Google Analytics.

Monitor conversions easily by adding a few lines of tracking code to your website.

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