Member Discount Example


Membership has its privileges. We offer a 10% discount to members. Just enter your membership number here and add it to your cart to get 10% off all items you order.

Please Enter Your 
Membership Number: 

This is, of course, a barebones example. You'll want to "dress it up" a bit, but hopefully you get the idea. 

Give them a text box for entering their membership number. If you just want to give the 10 % to anyone who clicks "add to cart", leave the text box out. The description that you put in (currently "Member #") is what will show in the cart display, and in the final order you receive. It could be "Your discount" also.

You can either give a percent discount or or a flat dollar amount. To use this feature, use either =discount= (percent off), or =discountflat= (flat dollar amount off) in the part number field of the item variable. The flat dollar amount will not reduce the item subtotal below zero.

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