Force Selections Example

s e l e c t   d e l i v e r y   o p t i o n :

[use of the =info1clear= tag, associated with the force visit to a page before checkout option]

Setting Up This Feature in the virtualCART® Control Panel Form

This page outlines the structure of a page pointed to through use of the FORCE VISIT TO A LINK BEFORE ALLOWING CHECKOUT option in the virtualCART® control panel. We are using this instead of the normal shipping page links so we can force customers to make an active choice in their shipping method. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you include the:

 <input type=hidden name=info1clear value=1>

inside the form that you specify in your CUSTOM "IMPORTANT ORDER INFORMATION" message, or people won't be able to checkout. The pertinent section in control panel is: 

CUSTOM "IMPORTANT ORDER INFORMATION" message:   If you want virtualCART® to display a custom message in the "important order information" section of the control panel, enter it below. Keep it short.

FORCE VISIT TO A LINK BEFORE ALLOWING CHECKOUT:    A very handy use of the above option is if you have a link to a page included with your message. Then you can force a customer to visit the page and make a selection from whatever you have on the page. For instance, you could use these two options to force customers to choose from a variety of shipping options.
Customer Must visit above link before checking out. 

If you use this option, leave the URLs empty in regular shipping section of the cart config form, or you will have multiple pointers to the same page: 

Enter the URL of your page detailing shipping charges:

Enter the URL of your page detailing shipping surcharge for orders outside your country/standard shipping zone:

Leave the above blanks alone in the config form.

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