Electronic Delivery Example

How It Works:
If you want to give your customers immediate access to an online document, you can use the Electronic Delivery feature. First, you must create a file to cross-reference the URLs of the documents you are selling to their virtualCART® part numbers. When a customer adds this item to their shopping cart and then submits the order, as soon as the payment information is verified, the customer will be sent to the URL specified in the cross-reference file. You will receive the payment information in the usual manner.

Uploading your cross reference file:
Log in to your shopping cart control panel.  Navigate to the section labeled "Miscellaneous>Electronic Delivery".  Input the URL of your cross reference file and save changes. As soon as the file uploads, delete the file from your website so others cannot download it and gain access to your valuable URLs.

Cross Reference File Format:
"=elec==SF=partnumber","http://www.full-url.com/to-the/item_or_page" "=elec==SF=nextpartnumber","http://www.full-url.com/to-the/next_item_or_page" "=elec==SF=etcpartnumber","http://www.full-url.com/to-the/etc_item_or_page"


IMPORTANT Notes: (yes, they're really important)

  • File format is easy to get from MS access (or other) export function.
  • Begin part# field of "item" variable with =elec= on applicable site html pages.
  • Include the =SF= tag in the part# field so no shipping or insurance charge is included.
  • The partnumber in the crossref file may or may not contain =elec=. Works either way.
  • Customers only get URL's when using "online" checkout forms rather than postal mail or FAX.
  • Make your urls impossible to guess. http://www.you.com/randomstring_filename.html
  • This system is not totally fraud-proof. Don't use this for anything extremely valuable.
  • To disable this feature, just put in the url of an empty file.
Example Soft Product: [VIEW HTML CODE HERE ]

This product will be available for immediate download upon completion of the payment process.

Part number Item description Click to add to cart
soft1 Software Product #1

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