Survey Example Code


Please take the time to fill out this survey, and receive a free gift sample of our new cologne (with another purchase)! The information will be stored in the shopping cart and sent in with your order. Thanks!

Your age:

First On line purchase?

View the code for the above example to see how it's done. [VIEW HTML CODE HERE ]


  • You can put an info gathering tag in with any product. It won't appear in the cart display, which is often good.
  • We used a textual submit button rather than our usual graphical one. There is a hidden var you must include to do this reliably.
  • Using a textual submit button will sometimes result in confusion due to browser cache of the filled out form.
  • You don't need to have a free gift, of course. It just seemed to go well with the survey example, so we added it as the third item in the multi-item submission
  • This example shows how to use the "req" variable in a multi-item environment. No more empty fields!

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