Managed Private Server (MPS) Hosting Plans

Our new Linux MPS Core delivers the highest security standards, throughput and uptime for sub-hosting multiple websites, hosting large application and higher traffic websites. You can easily add value for customers while you add revenue streams by offering MPS as a stand-alone product or by partitioning the server into sub-hosting. You have total flexibility to control your server will full access and industry-standard tools to install the applications you need, and nothing you don't. While our IT experts handle the day-to-day server maintenance - monitoring the network uptime, security and the servers to ensure complete availability. Plus, with our long history of providing quality solutions, financial stability and reliability, you can entrust the technical details with us, and get back to focusing on growing your business.




  • Dedicated hardware
  • Managed OS: performance tuning, security, hardening, patches, updates
  • Full access to control users, applications and data
  • 24×7 technical support: systems admin level emergency virtual root override
  • Intel Celeron and Xeon Quad Core processors
  • 2 RAID-protected SATA drives
  • No-limit email accounts
  • Ability to install Webmin control panel
  • Ability to add multiple IP addresses

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  Linux MPS Core
  Linux MPS Core
  Linux MPS Core
Setup Free   Free   Free
Monthly  $450.00    $570.00    $800.00
 3 Months  $1345.00    $1705.00    $2395.00
 6 Months  $2685.00    $3405.00    $4790.00
 1 Year  $5365.00    $6805.00    $9575.00
  Order   Order   Order
Additional RAM Setup $50   $50   $50
Additional RAM / GB $23.20   $23.20   $23.20


Server Admin
  • Configure multiple Shell accounts
  • Access to RPM
  • Install and configure the applications of your choice
  • No limits on FTP accounts
Web Server
  • Fully-configurable Apache 2 Web Server
  • Dynamic module support
  • Full cgi-bin and log file access
  • Configurable POP, IMAP, and SMTP servers
  • No limits on POP/IMAP accounts
  • No limits on email aliases and autoresponders
Control Panel

Technical Specs

  Linux MPS Core
Linux MPS Core
Linux MPS Core
Operating System Cent OS 5 Cent OS 5 Cent OS 5
Processor(s) Intel Celeron D Quad Core Xeon Dual Quad Core Xeon
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Additional RAM Available 6 GB 12 GB 8 GB
Hard Drive Configuration 2 hardware RAID-protected SATA 7200 RPM drives + backup drive
Disk Space 100 GB 200 GB 300 GB
Bandwidth 1 TB 2 TB 3 TB
Virtual Root Access Yes Yes Yes
Additional IP Addresses* 29 (30 total) 39 (40 total) 49 (50 total)

* Additional IPs are $2.19/mo per IP


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